Why a Dodge Sprinter Is the Ideal Car for a European Family Road Trip

dodge sprinterDodge sprinter is the van with a box-shaped and sloppy nose in the front. You might feel familiar as it is easy to notice when the delivery package car comes to your home. Flower delivery and plumbing equipment cars also mostly use the dodge sprinter. You might probably think that this van looks too weird to use around for a road trip. When it comes to European road trip, this van is instead widely famous for a family road trip. 

Dodge sprinter manufacturer is Mercedes in Germany, even though the name is Dodge. When the spare parts arrive in the United States, they are assembled to US standard specifications with the Dodge brand. Let’s check out more about the dodge sprinter offers for your European road trip plan with your family.

Spacious Feature

Dodge sprinter has a great feature for your large family, making it a top choice for a family road trip. The car is spacious, with at least twelve seats and cargo space in the back. If your family does not take up all the places, you can customize the unused space and organize the car for a television, a desk, a refrigerator. This way, you are ready to become a mini-RV. More importantly, you and your kids can move around easily without worrying about your head with its extra high ceiling. 

family road trip

Ideal Cost

The estimated cost for dodge sprinter is slightly more expensive than commercial vehicles within the same range. However, do not let that put you off and consider the spacious feature to fit all your family members in one car. Compare the cost and offer with other cheaper options but cannot have enough space for your family, dodge sprinter is a good deal for a family trip. You can save more money on travel budget and travel on your own pace with dodge sprinter than pay an airplane trip for your entire members.

Efficient Fuel

The best part of the dodge sprinter is the gas mileage. It has an efficient fuel used with its direct injection method. You can have 20 miles per gallon when you run diesel over it. If you prefer a little more power, the gasoline engine offers less mileage. Either way, no competitor cars can close to exceed their mileages.

Security Feature

The main feature of the Dodge Sprinter is its safety feature. It offers you safety and protection almost in all aspects of the cars to anticipate scenarios during the road trip. It has anti-lock brakes for each wheel, stability control, tire pressure monitors, and brake regulators that are automatic laboratories for powering before it happens, and it regulates itself. Although it has a weird appearance, the dodge sprinter performs better in the road.

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